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Vol. 32, No. 2- Year 2016
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Correlation Analysis Of Various Metric Traits With Grain Yield And Heritability Estimation
In Rice Genotypes


A. W. Baloch1, S. M. Bhatti2, M. Baloch1, Q. D. Jogi3 and M. N. Kandhro3


N. A. Wahocho, S. A. Wahocho, N. Memon, M. H. Leghari and Q. B. Baloch

Response Of Wheat Genotypes To Seed Rates In Diverse Environments


A. A. Lashari*1, Q. D. Chachar2, M. I. Keerio2, H. I. Majeedano3 and M. N. Kandhro1

Estimation Of Genetic Parameters In Soybean For Yield And Morphological Character


A. Ali1, S.  A. Khan1, Ehsanullah2, N. Ali1 and I. Hussain1

Relative Growth Response Of Hydroponically Grown Wheat Genotypes To Deficient And Adequate Phosphorus Levels


M. Abbas1, M. Aslam1, 2, J. A. Shah1*, N. Depar1 and M. Y. Memon1

Screening Of Elite Wheat Germplasm Against Normal And Heat Stress Conditions Using Agro-Morpholgical Approaches


K. A. Laghari1    A. J. Pirzada2, M. A. Sial1 and M. A. Khan1

Nutritional Assessment Of Underutilized Non-Traditional Leafy Vegetable Lambs Quarter
Of Lower Sindh, Pakistan


B. N. Mirani1, S. A. Sheikh1, S. M. Nizamani2 and A. H. Soomro1

Comparative Study Of Scientific And Traditional Water Application Practices For Wheat Crop


A. A. Tagar1, A. Soomro1, S. M. Bhatti2, S. Memon1 and R. K. Soothar1

Calibration Of Different Water Course Outlets At Rahuki Distributary


M. A. Talpur1*, S. A. Junejo2, M. A. Mangrio1, Ma Ran3 and A. R. Shah1

Effect Of Storage Methods On The Quality Of Onion Bulbs


S. A. Soomro1, K. A. Ibupoto1, N. M. Soomro2 and L. A. Jamali1

Production Of Synthetic Gas From Agriculture And Forest Wastes Using Fixed Bed Gasifier


A. A. Memon, S. A. Shaikh, F. A. Shah, A. Nawaz and T. Ahmed

Effect Of Reedbed System On Grey Water Treatment


H. R. Mangio1, M. S. Mirjat2, M. A. Talpur2, I. Rajpar3 and A. Sarki4

Branding Agricultural Commodity Based Industry: The Case Of Spice Industry In Pakistan


J. A. Qureshi and N. A. Syed

Factors Triggering Poverty In District Tharparkar Sindh, Pakistan


V. Suthar1, M. S. Sarki2, N. A. Qureshi1, B. K. Solangi3 and T. Mangan4

Assessment Of Microbial Quality Of Farm Buffalo Milk


A. H. Soomro1*, S. Raunaq1, S. A. Sheikh1, M. Khaskheli2 and A. Talpur2

Efficacy Of Valbazen (Albendazole) Against Gastro-Intestinal Nematodes In Goats


N. Akhter1, K. B. Mirbahar3, S. A. Jatoi3, B. Bhutto1 and A. H. Mirani2

Comparative Pathology Of Experimentally Induced Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza (H7n3) Infection In Chicken, Ducks And Quails


S. A. Soomro1, N. M. Soomro1, Z. A. Nizamani1*, N. H. Kalhoro2 and S. Bughio1

Eye Dermoid In A Thari Breed Cattle Calf And Its Surgical Management: A Case Study


A. Tunio1, S. Bughio2, S. H. Abro3, D. H. Kalhoro3 and A. A. Memon4

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