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Vol. 30, No.1- Year 2014
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Gene action of some agronomic, yield and quality characters in aromatic rice (Oryza sativa L.) varieties and their F1 hybrids under lowland and upland environments



A. D. Jarwar, Q. D. Dela Cruz, G. S. Junejo and M. Jarwar


M. J. Baloch, J. A. Solangi, W. A. Jatoi, I. H. Rind and F. M. Halo


Tolerance of barley (Hordium vulgare L.) to chlorides of sodium, calcium and magnesium



I. Rajpar, M. Sultan, Zia-ul-hassan, N. Depar and M. A. Kharal

Screening of cotton genotypes for yield traits under different irrigation regimes



S. Memon, G. M. Chandio and W. A. Jatoi

Quality assessment of organic and biofertilizers developed from fruit and vegetable waste



A. N. Shah, S. D. Tunio, Zia-ul-hassan and M. Arshad


Rhizobacterial inoculation integrated with mineral fertilizers promote maize productivity in compacted saline-sodic soil



M. Zafar-ul-Hye, A. Nasir, Z. A. Zahir, A. Rehim and M. Ahmad


Effect of organic mulching on soil moisture conservation and yield of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)



N. Depar, J. A. Shah and M. Y. Memon


Evaluating energy consumption for wheat production under different tillage practices



N. Leghari, M. S. Mirjat, A. Q. Mughal and I. Rajpar


Tillage practices and nitrogen application influenced soil physical properties and wheat production



M. Abid, Saif-ur-Rehman and S. Hussain

Assessment of technology transfer process perceived by public and private extension field staff in Balochistan, Pakistan



A. A. Mengal, M. U. Mallah, Z. Mirani and B. N. Siddiqui

Effects of hypotaurine and cysteine in washing solutions on cooled and frozen thaw goat spermatozoa



A. A. Memon, H. Wahid, Y. Rosnina and Y. M. Goh

Effect of exogenous estrogen on sexual behavior of Kundhi buffalo bull

  S.  Mustafa, P. Khatri,  I. Kaka, H. K. Kumbhar and A. Ranjhani

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