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Vol. 29, No.1- Year 2013

Response of maize to a novel organic potassium fertilizer developed from fruits and vegetable wastes


S. Kubar, Zia-ul-hassan, A. N. Shah, I. Rajpar and S. A. Qureshi

Heterosis of some yield and its related characters in aromatic rice (Oryza sativa L.) varieties and their F 1 hybrids under lowland and upland environments


A. D. Jarwar, Q. D. Dela Cruz and G. S. Junej


M. S. Kakar, M. Ibrar, S. A. Taran, T. A. Baloch and M. N. Tareen


M. A. Chajjro, Zia-ul-hassan, I. Rajpar, A. N. Shah and K. A. Kubar

Maize response to L-tryptophan blended organic potassium fertilizer


Z. A. Channa, Zia-ul-hassan, I. Rajpar, M. Arshad and A. N. Shah

Fertilizer, fermented activators, and EM ® utilization in pechay (Brassica pekinensis L.) production


Pet. R. L. Pascual, A. D. Jarwar and P. S. Nitural

Prey searching ability of Brumus suturalis (Fabricius) Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) on cotton mealybug under laboratory and field conditions


S. N. Khuhro, M. K. Lohar, S. M. Nizamani and G. H. Abro

Technical efficiency of wheat farming in Sindh province of Pakistan


R. A. Buriro, A. A. Khooharo, G. H. Talpur and M. I. Rajput

Study on clinical mastitis in buffaloes caused by Staphylococcal species


H. Baloch, R. Rind, G. Shah, D. H. Kalhoro and A. B. Kalhoro

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