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Faculty of Crop Production
Department of Agronomy
Phone Extention
Dr. Shamsuddin Tunio
Professor & Dean
DR. Fateh Chand
Associate Professor & Chairman
375, 358
Dr. Umed Ali Buriro
Professor 358
Dr. Ghulam Hyder Jamro
Associate Professor   358
Dr. Samiullah K. Agha
Assistant Professor   358
Pir Ahmed Naqi Shah

Lecturer 393
Lecturer 358
Muhammad Ali Ansari
Lecturer   358
Mahmooda Buriro
Lecturer 358
Muhammad Nawaz Kandhro
Lecture 358

Qamaruddin Jogi Lecture 358
Department of Plant Breeding & Genetics
Dr. Bashir Ahmed Ansari Professor Chairman 364
Dr. Moula Bux Kumbhar Visiting Professor 365
Dr. Muhammad Jurial Rind
Associate Professor 371
Zahoor Ahmed Soomro
Assistant Professor 361
Munaiza Baloch
Assistant Professor 361
Shahnawaz Mari
Assistant Professor 364
Saeed Hyder Ghaloo
Lecturer & 365
Asghar Ali Rajper
Shabana Memon
Lecturer 364
Siraj Ahmed Channa


Nasreen Fatima Lecturer 364
Department of Plant Physiology & Biochemistry
Dr. Qamaruddin Associate Professor 352
Kulsoom Bano
Assistant Professor 370
Vajanti Mala
Assistant Professor    
Irfana Parveen
Lecturer 352
Shanila Chang
Lecturer 352
Muhammad Ashraf
Lecturer 352
Lecturer 352
Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim Keerio
Associate Professor 352
Department of Soil Science
DR. Inayatullah Associate Professor & Chairman 355
Kazi Suleman Memon Eminent Professor (HEC)    
Allahwadhayo Assistant Professor


Ali Hyder Assistant Professor,   355
Aniala Mastoi Assistant Professor   355
Ghulam Murtaza Lecturer 355
Khalid Hussain Lecturer   355

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